Inventing the Future

Inventing the Future is a joint venture between The Oracle Partnership and ipCapital Group in partnership with Rhizome Network.

We bring together Oracle’s agenda-setting foresight, imaginative world-building scenarios and ground-breaking ideas with ipCapital Group’s inventive talent and Rhizome Network’s open innovation network. Our work ranges from advice on strategic innovation, to predictive models that highlight where to invent and invest in breakthroughs, to ‘invention on demand’.

In the ‘edge of chaos’ conditions that will pervade the next decade and beyond, we believe there is an invention gap that must be bridged—a gap that is systemic and strategic, cutting across all industry sectors and spanning global security, environmental stability, policy, regulation, economics and corporate stewardship.

We leverage a global network of foresight specialists, domain experts, innovators, scientists and engineers to transform imaginative future-focused concepts into inventions and then into innovations.

ipCapital Group, founded by John Cronin, one of the world’s leading inventors, former head of the IBM Patent Factory and creator of unique intellectual property (IP) landscapes and white space analysis. Drawing on a lifelong study of creative and inventive thinking processes and business strategy development, John has created a methodology that includes powerful data driven IP creation, providing clients with ‘invention on demand’ services.

Rhizome Network, led by one of the world’s foremost innovation experts, Edward Jung, brings together experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to facilitate the organisation and coordination of innovation. Edward is one of the world’s top 12 inventors by patent count, having over 1200 issued patents in fields ranging from social media and energy to materials science and healthcare technology. Rhizome’s work spans initial feasibility, prototyping and commercialisation.